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Updated Tao Of Badass Review...


Updated 7/2/2013...

The Tao of Badass is a program on being successful with women by Joshua Pellicer that's been getting a lot of publicity lately.

I first reviewed The Tao of Badass when it first came out, but since then this product has gotten EXTREMELY popular, so I thought I should update this review for you!

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So, when I first got a hold of The Tao of Badass I wasn't familiar with Josh P., or what he teaches... but I had heard that this guy had a rep for knowing his stuff, so I thought I should take a look at this program because I kinda got the sense that it was going to be a big deal...

If you aren't familiar with Josh, he was one of the guys in that company The Art of Charm. He's been on the Today Show, and has been featured by several major news outlets like the NY Times, The Baltimore Sun, Maxim magazine, and he had his own radio show of Sirius Radio. He left the Art of Charm a while back, started his own company and wrote this book.

And while all of that is rather impressive, what matters to me is whether Joshua can actually HELP guys get better with women... Otherwise I would never recommend him to you...

The Tao of Badass Review: What you get...

With a name like "The Tao of Badass" I really wanted to like this book, and luckily, Josh did not disappoint. I liked it.

I found that me and Josh are really on the same page on a lot of things. In fact, I love the the whole concept of the Tao which literally translates to "the way" so this book basically teaches you the way of being a badass with women, with is something every man should learn.

He actually brings a lot of cutting edge tactics for turning yourself into a badass, and handling yourself like a badass in your interactions with women.

First, Josh gives a really great explanation of gender roles and what it means to be a man. I didn't think I was going to get much out of this part because it's kind of theoretical, and I thought it would probably just be some rehashed shit about men and women that we have all hear a hundred times before... But this part was really excellent.

Josh really writes about this stuff in a unique way that I think is going to really help a lot of guys.

But my favorite part is the section called "The System" where he talks about the map of interaction and walks you through every step of being a hit with women.

I loved this part because he breaks down every step into sub-steps and explains everything in a really intelligent way that totally makes sense.

I can't give everything away, but there are a lot of jewels in this program in particular the Hacking Attraction video is UNBELIEVABLE, it's worth more than the price of the whole program.

The bonus ebook on cheat proofing your relationship is really good to and it's something that every guy should read...

The Tao of Badass: The Verdict...

This book is like a road map to being a badass with girls from a guy who clearly knows his shit. If you follow what he says you can really learn a lot here... and it'll definitely be worth the money.

This book gets my official recommendation, and it's definitely one of the best guides to being awesome with women that's ever been released.

Last summer I actually met up with Josh in NYC and he was really a pretty cool dude in real life, which is important.

Click here to get The Tao Of Badass

Enjoy it, it rocks.