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Dating Profile Examples For Men

By Jake Vandenhoff


Looking for some dating profile examples for men?

That's a smart idea... I remember when I first realized that my dating profile wasn't doing me any favors, and I decided to surf the web and try to find some good examples of dating profiles thatI could "borrow" from...

And I tell you what... I couldn't find a darn thing!

In fact, the only dating profile examples I could find online actually sucked worse than mine did!

Now that I'm a sought after expert on this subject... I though I'd put together a short article to give you some examples that you can use to improve your profile immediately!

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Got it? ...Okay, now let's get into this...

First, bear in mind the fact that the key to a good profile is allowing your own unique and attractive personality to shine through.

It's all about sounding fun and interesting with an upbeat masculine attitude.

So, what I've done is I broken down a basic profile into it's main components so that you'll have a simple template on which to build your profile...

For each individual part of your profile I have provided a few examples of good things a guy could write aswell as a couple not so good things that you should avoid.

Dating Profile Examples For Men: Your Headline

Your dating headline isn't super important, but it does count. If you can, make it funny. If your just not that funny a guy just make sure it's not awful or women may skip over it automatically. I like to be funny and a bit cocky.

Here are 2 Good Examples:

Good headlines:

#1) "Here's the deal, I'm the best there is, plain and simple, I mean I wake up every morning and I kiss excellence!"

#2) "Great Guy Looking for Adoption"

#3) "Hot Stud"

Decent headlines:

#1) "Who Wants To Have Fun?"

#2) "Fun Times and Chillness"

Bad headlines:

#1) "Just Your Average Guy"

#2) "Live, Laugh, Love"

#3) "Caring guy looking to enjoy someones companionship"

#4) "Insert witty headline here" <=== This one has been done to death and it absolutely BLOWS


Dating Profile Examples For Men: About You

In this section you want to create an image for your females audience of who you are and what your life is like. As a general rule it's good to talk up your life rather than talking up yourself.

Good about you sentences:

#1) What's up, my name's Matt, I love surfing, scuba diving and basically doing anything in the ocean and spending time with my family.

#2) About me... I just moved to town and I'm digging it here big time! My neighborhood is really hilly and they have some great running paths so I'm hitting those a lot, going to school and just getting situated trying to meet some new people.

Bad about you sentences:

#1) Why is it so hard to describe yourself?

#2) I guess that I would call myself energetic, hard working, faithful, and old fashioned."

#3) I am a 40 year old restaraunt manager that is going through a divorce after ten years of marriage.

#4) I like going out, but I also like staying in sometimes too, I'm laid-back and I have a great sense of humor. <=== Everybody says these things! If you really are funny, show her instead of telling her!

Dating Profile Examples For Men: About Her

Don't talk about what you are looking for physically and don't sound desperate. If you aren't interested in a girl because of her looks just don't write her back!

Good about her sentences:

#1) I'm usually attracted to girls who can just be themselves and aren't too superficial, basically a girl who can let her hair down and have a beer!

#2) Optimally, I'd like to find a girl who likes the beach, has a great sense of humor, and doesn't mine my large dog slobbering all over her!

Bad about her sentences:

#1) I am looking for someone who can rescue me from lonliness... if that is you, let me know.

#2) i am only interested in meeting women under 120 lbs. preferably blonde, with nice breasts, and don't nag alot.


Dating Profile Examples For Men: Call To Action

This is a part of your profile that a lot of guys just skip because there isn't a box for it, but it's MASSIVELY important! Even though your profile can be

viewed by anyone, you want to make it like youy are communicating directly with the girl you want to date, so you need to tell her to get in touch with you!

Good call to actions:

#1) If you like what you see then get in touch with me, if I like you we can hangout - how cool is that?! <=== Simple and to the point!

#2) So, if you have read this far you should probably send me an email so we can get together - sparks may fly!

Bad call to actions:

#1) So, if I don't hear from you, thanks for reading and have a nice life.

#2) Maybe even if you aren't interested we could be friends.

Obviously these need to be expanded on. Go for about 8-10 sentences: 3 introductory, 3 about you and 1 about what you like in women, and then a couple random sentences to tie everything together.

A Few More Pointers:

-Make sure it is at least 250 words

-Use proper spelling, puncuation, and spelling. NEVER use words like: u, i, ur, txt, rite, 2day, gurl ect...

-Don't say anything desperate or talk about how you are looking for your "better half" or "soul mate"

-Don't say anything negative or talk about past relationships, how it's hard being single, how you've had your heart broken etc...

-If your job or hobbies are boring, don't talk about them ie. I love sitting in my apartment alone working on my stamp collection.

So there you have it, some tips you can start using right now to get a better response online...

BUT, this is just the tip of the iceberg...

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