Too Ugly To Get A Girlfriend

by Jake Vandenhoff on April 25, 2011

not too ugly to get a girlfriendIf you read much dating advice online, you are bound to hear that “NOBODY is too ugly to get a girlfriend…”

Yep, according to most “dating experts” your looks have very little to do with your  ability to attract women and get an attractive girlfriend. But this is absolutely untrue! In fact, it’s much easier for good-looking guys too hook up with chicks, especially online.

I mean we’ve all heard about and even seen some pretty ugly dudes hooking up with hot chicks, right? So what’s up with that?

Yes, some guys are too ugly to get a girlfriend!

If your game is whack, AND you’re ugly, then it’s game over. If this is  the case then the only way that you are going to be able to get with women is too get rich and pay for it.

Sorry I’ve got to be the one to break this too ya…

But, luckily almost any guy can drastically improve his looks by making a few simple tweaks. And EVERY guy can greatly improve his game by getting informed, and practicing his social skills.

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I coach a ton of guys via email, and one of the big things I do for them is to checkout their dating profiles and help them fix them up so that they can get some women to respond to them online… And I’m frequently shocked by how they look in their dating profile pictures. It’s no wonder why girls aren’t writing to them…

And it’s not really that these guys have terrible bone structure or anything like that, which is causing them to look ugly in their pictures. You see, it’s only in EXTREMELY rare cases that a guy is so genetically ugly that he can’t look good to women. In 99% of cases the reason a guy is so ugly that he can’t get a girlfriend is that he just isn’t taking care of his appearance.

For instance, I was just looking at this guy’s profile who I’m doing coaching with. And in his profile pic he’s sitting in a dark apartment that is overflowing with garbage like on that show Hoarders. He’s seriously overweight, and he has a GIANT bushy chin beard… And it’s like SERIOUSLY bro, cut that shit off your face NOW!

And I’m not writing this to be mean, or make fun of anybody. What I’m saying is use common sense – LOOKS MATTER TO WOMEN! So do what you can to stack the deck in your favor. Get a cool haircut, get in shape and for heavens sake don’t rock ghastly facial hair, it’s NOT helping!

How to tell if you’re too ugly to get a girlfriend:

The crazy thing is that most guys who wonder if they are too ugly to get a girlfriend are actually pretty good looking guys. There’s a psychiatric condition called body dysmorphic disorder where people who look fine think that they’re somehow too fat, too ugly, too short or whatever to get a girl, and they end up worrying about it all the time. And it can have a real negative impact on their lives.

Usually, the guys who are truly too ugly to attract women are guys who are totally oblivious about their appearances or are in complete denial about how poorly they are presenting themselves to the opposite sex. Because really, that’s what “looking good” is a matter of: taking care of yourself, dressing right, having a sexy style, and grooming properly. Seriously, 99% of guys could look way better and attract WAY more women if they just took the time to handle this stuff.

Luckily, if you want to improve your appearance my friend Mark Belmont created an awesome program that shows you how it’s done. That’s him in the picture above…

If you have EVER considered that your looks could be holding you back in the dating department you should get this program.  Trust me, with a little effort there is NO WAY you’re gonna be too ugly to get a girlfriend!

Update: Mark recently started a cool new website called “”  that you should check out… good content on their, both dating advice and some good tips on “finding love” here’s a link:

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