Flirt Mastery Review – Steve Scott’s Flirt Mastery Program Exposed!

by Jake Vandenhoff on May 8, 2011

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It's time to learn to flirt...

Flirt Mastery – How to Flirt And Create Hypnotic Conversations With Women, does it work?

If you are looking for one badass flirting guide, a guy named Steve Scott put together a program called Flirt Mastery, which is basically the bible of flirting…

This program has become a really popular over the years… I send all of my email subscribers a free report from Steve, and guys are always writing to me telling me how much they love his stuff…

So I thought I’d go ahead and tell you a bit about what this program is all about in case you were thinking of picking up a copy for yourself.

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Steve Scott’s Flirt Mastery, What’s The Deal?

I came across Flirt Mastery a couple years back , and I doubted whether it was actually legit… I think what threw me the most was the cover. It’s kinda unusual and very different from what you see on most of the sleeker PUA products and seduction guides.

Also, I had never heard of Steve. He’s more of a low profile guy, not chasing the spotlight like some of the flashy PUAs and really famous dating coaches.

However, that being said I found it MUCH easier to relate to what Steve has to say in Flirt Mastery than I do to most of the more “mainstream” stuff out there.

Flirt Mastery, The Breakdown…

Steve Scott’s flirt mastery program is cool because it focuses on one very specific topic “how to flirt” and goes into it in more depth than any other dating/pick up guide that I’ve seen.

As a general rule I really like it when a program focuses on one thing and really digs deeply into it rather than trying to give you a little bit of advice on a hundred little things and not covering any of them adequately.

Steve does however cover everything that you might want to know about flirting… Including:

  • Using seductive body language (This is so important… 90% of this shit is sub-communicated through body language, and Steve gives a nice breakdown of how it’s done… taught me a thing or two)
  • How to talk to women… This is something almost nobody really talks about. Which is crazy because this is the whole enchilada right here..
  • How to deal with shit tests… one of the best explanations I’ve heard on how to handle these.

I’m not going to go through everything Steve teaches you, but if it is related to flirting with women you can rest assured it’s in there! My personal favorite parts are where he gets into creating sexual tension and seduction, because honestly that’s the destination I think most guys are really interested in going in with this flirting stuff. Steve does a great job here.

You also get bonuses including a quick start guide, 24 Traits of the Superior Alpha Male, Phone Flirting, and my favorite one Texting Tactics.

Text flirting is something I neglected for a long time, but these days it’s a crucial flirting skill.

Flirt Mastery, Final Verdict…

If your flirting skills are lacking… If you have trouble talking to girls in a way that makes them want to sleep with you… or if you get stuck in the friends zone, then you owe it to yourself to check this one out.

What Steve Scott teaches you WORKS. Point blank. Go get it:

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