Big Mike Chang’s “Monster Mass” A Review For You Skinny Dudes…

by Jake Vandenhoff on January 6, 2013

Mike Chang Monster Mass Workout

Big Mike Chang’s ready to bring the pain…

Mike Chang’s Monster Mass is having it’s public release tomorrow, and since I’ve been using Mike’s Six Pack Shortcuts program for about 6 months now, I thought I’d do a write up about this new system.

First, I should say that I won’t be using this program regularly. Not because it’s not good, but because I worked out for mass steadily from 1998-2008, ten solid years, so at this point adding muscle is no longer a goal of mine.

That said, the fact that I successfully put on about 35 lbs of lean muscle should indicate that I know a thing or two about gaining mass.

Background On Mike Chang and his programs…

Mike Chang’s Sixpack Shortcuts program has been a huge online phenomenon, and he has become basically *the* six pack abs guru these past few years. That is what he is known for, as well as his Insane Home Fat Loss program that he put out just about a year ago.

Like I said, I’ve been using these two programs pretty religiously, and I like them a lot. I’ve experimented with just about every type of workout and fitness program out there since ’98. And for guys looking to get a six pack it’s a badass program. And considering that this is most guys fitness goal (except skinny guys), it makes sense that these programs have been so popular.

I won’t get into too much detail about those courses. the important thing is that Mike goes against a lot of common “fitness knowledge” and shows you how to train using short intense workouts that you can do from home. Mike gives you a very sound nutritional plan, and the cool part is that you can watch the workouts along with Mike on your TV or computer, and he is an awesome trainer… I have friends who are very “elite”, in other words high-paid personal trainers, and I have got to say Mike definitely knows his stuff and is good at motivating you to power through your workouts.

With Mike’s new Monster Mass program he is deviating away from the “getting ripped-abs” side of things, to concentrate on helping dudes pack on mass.

Basic Info On The Monster Mass Workouts…

Mike’s Monster Mass system is based on “monster sets” which are a really cool muscle building technique. I actually used to use a similar technique during my hard-core mass building days and I  had a lot of success with these types of workouts.

The idea is to train opposing muscle groups together back to back. So, for example you could do a set of bicep dumbbell curls and then follow that up with a set of overhead dumbbell extensions (which train your triceps) direct afterwards. Then you rest very briefly and repeat the two part set again, and the again etc… and that is a monster set.

I like training this way because it is very intense, gives you a hell of a muscle pump, and allows you to get your workouts done in a short period of time. If you train this way, according to Mike’s instructions, you will grow… That’s just the way that the human body works. You push all that blood into your muscles, eat the right stuff (Mike’s a big fan of mashers and gravy!) and you watch those guns grow…

Like I said, I’m not currently training for mass, but I still do work out with weights every other day to keep on top of things and I’m definitely going to be incorporating Mike’s monster sets, I’m just going to be adjusting them for non-mass gaining purposes.

The Monster Mass program gives you tons of variations on these monster sets, complete workouts and so forth.

I’m not going to get into singing the programs praises for you…

If you are looking to get big, put on mass and get the video training, diet training, supplementation info, coaching etc.. that you need to make that happen then I’d say you should give it a try. I’ve enjoy Sixpack Shortcuts and know that Mike is an excellent trainer. He’s good at motivating you, and the science behind his program is on point.

Of course if you are already a big dude like me, this probably isn’t the thing for you.  And- one caveat if you are trying to put on a bunch of mass for the first time is that you need to realize that it takes a lot of sweat, and it’s downright PAINFUL at times. However, I like the pain… feels f-ing AWESOME!

Mike has some cool stuff for the first 1000 guys that pick this badboy up. Including 30 days of his pre-workout mass building supplement “Afterburn Fuel”, The Monster Mass Diet (an eating system for building muscle), and The 15 Universal Laws Of Muscle Building which shares advanced strategies bodybuilders and fitness models use to build massive muscles. The first 1000 guys get 50% off too… Click Below For Your Copy Of Mike Chang’s Monster Mass:



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