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"This has empowered me to behave like a Man now instead of a child... All the material that you gave me got me to thinking about this...but I wasn't ready to actually see it until now
or admit it"

- Eddie G, NC

"...I even talked to a really cute girl on the train and we're going to hang out. I would usually never do that. In general, your advice to focus on a positive masculine attitude has been helpful, both in terms of girls and happiness. Thank you."
- Michael D, CA

"The Playbook is a quick read and very thorough. After implementing Jake's approach to setting up my profile - I had over 30 views that night (I hadn't had that many all week - NO JOKE) needless to say I was impressed. I've also gone on more dates in the past six months than I had in the previous two years - now I've meet someone good. Beyond The Playbook, Jake makes himself available to answer questions. I've sent him questions about approaching/following-up/dating (not all related to online dating) and he gets back to me same day - with GOOD feedback. My best advice if you're new to online dating is not to approach it blindly because you may get discouraged at your results, but rather to learn from someone who understands how it operates - pitfalls and all. Jake's Playbook and newsletters helped me beat the learning curve, so I know it can help you if you're willing to give it a try. "
- Joey S, DC


Don't put this off... You came here to improve your dating life - Let's make it happen!

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Jake V

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